Day 3 - Went to the market

— 3 minute read


We woke up very early this morning (5:30am) and decided to go to the wet market to get eggs around 6:30am. Donned face masks, which brought down our face mask supply to exactly three. (A friend gave me five when she learnt I had none.)

The market was relatively well-stocked, and I can't say much about the crowd level as I rarely go to the market this early and have no precedent to compare it to. Enough people to feel that life goes on, but not enough to feel that nothing is wrong?

We managed to get eggs, chicken, a variety of vegetables, and a bunch of bananas. The vege seller even carried a new type of vege called "bing choi" (or ice vegetable) which the guy said was good for salads. At RM4 I bought a box. Also went to get some cash in case we need to order any delivery, but so far we have been cooking every meal.

Came home, stored the groceries, had a shower, and went back to sleep. At 10am I started working.

Work progressed quite well, I'm happy with what I have so far. The target was to finish by today but I didn't want to compromise the quality with a rushed and tired ending - it was almost 11pm when I decided to call it a day. I will finish it tomorrow in the morning. In other work news I got another short-term job that will begin next week, also related to Covid-19 analysis. I'm excited about it and will share here at some point if I can.

Other than work, nothing much else happened. Oh the mosque today had announcements on the movement control not only in Malay, but also in Chinese and Tamil. I leaned out of my window to listen to the uncles better, to get a whiff of our Malaysian multiculturalism (without the stench of local politics). My mum sent me a hilarious video of this girl explaining the movement control in Penang Hokkien, and I watched it twice. There's something calming about listening to Malaysians from different backgrounds coming together to urge people to #staythefuckathome.

Said video:

So far my spirits are ok. I have an on-and-off cough and a small sore throat, which I am trying to not be too anxious about. Apparently many are exhibiting symptoms of maybe-I-have-the-unspoken-virus. To be safe I'm monitoring my temperature and drinking lots of water. Also going to bed now. One day at a time.