1. Day 11 - A portrait

    Saturday. I'm exhausted. Spent the last hour or so trying to draw self portraits with oil pastels. I'm not happy with any of them so I can't post any - which makes me a little grumpy. I know that the point of the exercise is not to have something to show... Read more

  2. Day 10 - News and news

    Friday. It is Day 10. Here are the headlines that caught my eye: Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, tested positive for Covid-19. Just a day ago Prince Charles has tested positive as well. The Malaysian PM announced an RM250bil stimulus package to... Read more

  3. Day 9 - Untitled

    Thursday. It has been an intense day of work. A lot of groping in the dark while I try to find a number of things: a good research question, good ways to answer the question, what others have said about the topic, and what value I can bring to the table... Read more

  4. Day 8 - Feed unicorns

    Wednesday. So I guess the biggest news of today is that the RMO is extended for another two more weeks, so it now goes on till 14th of April. I don't think anybody should be surprised - it took China two months to loosen their lockdown and here our cases... Read more

  5. Day 7 - A short one

    Tuesday. It's been a week of the RMO and the days are starting to bleed into one another. Within this week we have left the house for a grand total of one time, on Day 3. The surreality has not left yet since every day something new happens. The Malaysian... Read more

  6. Day 6 - Odds and ends

    Monday. This morning my article for APC was published so I was pretty happy - I enjoyed writing it and people seemed to enjoy reading it also. Here it is: What good can come out of the coronavirus? My energy level is unstable today, yesterday I went to... Read more

  7. Day 5 - Container Chaos

    Sunday. The main agenda of the day was to clear out the kitchen cabinets, which I did with trepidation. This is probably the first time that I have ever done that since we moved in (circa mid 2015). Underneath the sink I found piles and piles of old... Read more

  8. Day 4 - Making friends with our spaces

    Saturday. It is raining outside and the neighbourhood is enshrouded in a layer of mist. The bells of the nearby Hindu temple are ringing, indicating that it is around 6pm. Four hours ago I had black coffee and right now I am still pretty jittery. It is a... Read more

  9. Day 3 - Went to the market

    Friday. We woke up very early this morning (5:30am) and decided to go to the wet market to get eggs around 6:30am. Donned face masks, which brought down our face mask supply to exactly three. (A friend gave me five when she learnt I had none.) The market... Read more

  10. Day 2 - Inadvertent degrowth

    Thursday. I woke up around 7, cleaned a bit, and started work. I’m working on an article now on Covid-19, and I’m trying to piece together some ideas on the systemic changes that the crisis might be able to trigger, to pave the way towards our collective... Read more

  11. Day 1 - Stay home, yes, you

    Wednesday. Malaysia started its nation-wide coronavirus movement control today. I thought it’d make a good, arbitrary reason to make a daily journal entry, given the circumstances of being home bound and this being an irregular situation. I’ve been... Read more

  12. Brain Dump No.2

    One of those days that the brain just refuses to work. I'm in a cafe which food smells pretty good, and I'm trying not to think about food until Leo gets off work and then we can go eat together. There is therefore time to do a brain dump to process the... Read more

  13. Digital Rights in Southeast Asia - Conceptual Framework and Movement Building

    Earlier this year I participated in a book project by SHAPE-SEA which commissioned authors from around the region to look at the human rights impacts of technology in Southeast Asia. Exploring the Nexus Between Technologies and Human Rights: Opportunities... Read more

  14. Learning Farsi

    I'm glad to report that I've finally started learning Farsi in earnest, after some false starts over the last couple of months. I've got most of the abjad (the Arabic script) down, at least the ones that are commonly used, and I'm moving along to grammar... Read more

  15. Notes - Moonwalking with Einstein

    Just finished reading Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything, written by Joshua Foer who, interestingly enough, is the brother of one of my favourite authors, Jonathan Safran Foer. It was a breeze to read and I finished... Read more

  16. Brain Dump No.1

    I've just had my morning coffee and am feeling perky and with high energy. At the moment there are so many things in my head so I decided to do a brain dump, to clear things out a bit. Research ideas - I'm working on two research proposals and one paper... Read more

  17. Hello world!

    Just a quick one to announce the launch of my personal website - one that bears my name and that I will hopefully sustain over the years. At the moment it's still quite sparse but I hope to build it up bit by bit. The intention is also to update the blog... Read more

  18. Drawing Block

    I need to create, I need to create, I need to create. But once I sit down, with a shiny piece of white paper, pen in hand, whatever objects I can find arranged into some semblance of a still life – I realise that I’m bored, I’m uninterested, and I’m... Read more