This is the personal website of Jun-E Tan.

I'm an independent researcher who has many interests on the side. This is where I document my explorations both professional and incidental.

This will always be a work in progress, but at the moment, even more so. Please bear with me as I set up the pages. (September 2019)

Latest blog posts

  1. Day 11 - A portrait

    Saturday. I'm exhausted. Spent the last hour or so trying to draw self portraits with oil pastels. I'm not happy with any of them so I can't post any - which makes me a little grumpy. I know that the point of the exercise is not to have something to show... Read more

  2. Day 10 - News and news

    Friday. It is Day 10. Here are the headlines that caught my eye: Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, tested positive for Covid-19. Just a day ago Prince Charles has tested positive as well. The Malaysian PM announced an RM250bil stimulus package to... Read more

  3. Day 9 - Untitled

    Thursday. It has been an intense day of work. A lot of groping in the dark while I try to find a number of things: a good research question, good ways to answer the question, what others have said about the topic, and what value I can bring to the table... Read more

  4. Day 8 - Feed unicorns

    Wednesday. So I guess the biggest news of today is that the RMO is extended for another two more weeks, so it now goes on till 14th of April. I don't think anybody should be surprised - it took China two months to loosen their lockdown and here our cases... Read more

  5. Day 7 - A short one

    Tuesday. It's been a week of the RMO and the days are starting to bleed into one another. Within this week we have left the house for a grand total of one time, on Day 3. The surreality has not left yet since every day something new happens. The Malaysian... Read more