This is the personal website of Jun-E Tan.

I'm a policy researcher who has many interests on the side. This is where I document my explorations both professional and incidental. More about me here.

The website is perpetually in the making, so do check back for updates.

Latest blog posts

  1. Weekly Blog 6 - Automating dating

    Announcing a 2-month hiatus on this blog because I will be away on leave, and after that away again on training. The work madness will probably be intense when I’m back, anticipating a huge backlog, but I will try to resume regular blogging when I get... Read more

  2. Weekly Blog 5 - Of buckets and rivers

    Sunday afternoon. Woke up from a nap just in time to hear the pitter patter of new rain. It is time to blog. Last week was very hectic, with back-to-back work events and meetings, with administrative hurdles to jump over and dance around in between. A... Read more

  3. Weekly Blog 4 - Birthday privilege

    It is a bit of a dreary Saturday morning but I am feeling upbeat because it is my birthday today. Not only that but since waking up I have been very productive - made and had breakfast, had a call with family in Buenos Aires, went for yoga, came back and... Read more

  4. Weekly Blog 3 - Averaging it out in the long run

    I decided to skip running this morning to focus on clearing life admin (which avid readers of this blog will recognise was last week’s burden transferred to this week), which took me a good two hours. And of course this is not the end of it - some tasks... Read more

  5. Weekly Blog 2 - Sunday Morning

    Woke up being annoyed at myself for making this weekly blog commitment. Don’t I have enough of things to do already? There’s also my fortnightly guitar class to go for in the afternoon, some work that I have to complete before the work week starts (you’re... Read more

  6. Weekly Blog 1 - Here comes the sun

    And I say, it’s alright - In the last week I have been a bit under the weather. It’s Raya week and I had big plans of finishing my baju kurung during the holiday, but all that went out of the window when my body decided to break down. To be fair, after... Read more

  7. What I think about when I think about running

    I had wanted to write something down a few weeks ago, and never did because the timing was never right. I didn't have the time when I had the idea, and I didn't think of writing when I had the time. And so slowly it faded away, as ideas do. Mid-shower... Read more

  8. Slowly functional, foot is back but be gentle, it is now April

    I am free! But I feel like Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption, who after being freed from prison didn't want to go out into the world. Over the last month I had built a fairly decent nest within the 2 metre radius of my bed, with my work stuff and... Read more

  9. Thinking beautiful thoughts

    I cannot believe that it is Friday and the week is over. Another week of working from bed is behind me, and I am trying to make the leap from work mode to chill mode - not so easy when I'm in the same position on the bed, tip tapping away on my home... Read more

  10. Walking dots

    Saturday morning! It's one of those weekends that stretch out with no social obligations or scheduled events in the horizon, few and far between ever since we got out of the pandemic lockdowns. I love the expansive sense of space in time, like I am lying... Read more