Day 7 - A short one

— 2 minute read


It's been a week of the RMO and the days are starting to bleed into one another. Within this week we have left the house for a grand total of one time, on Day 3.

The surreality has not left yet since every day something new happens. The Malaysian army is now using drones to monitor 12 hotspots in KL so that people do not leave their houses. In Sarawak they are starting to have a 7pm-7am curfew. The Olympics has finally been postponed after much reluctance and they insist that it will still be called Tokyo 2020 next year.

Looking back at the week, the experience so far has been therapeutic and I've been very productive. Work is looking good and I'm making friends with the house which is getting neater by the day. I've been blogging every day even though I reckon I should adjust the time of writing. Writing every evening after a full day of work is tiring and often my mind draws a blank on what to say - I should also try to jot down ideas throughout the day when they come.

Within the week I've also been connecting and reconnecting with friends online. We've cooked pretty much every meal and I think it's safe to say that we are no longer on a low carb diet. From kitchen mining operations I have also unearthed foodstuffs of various levels of expiredness - some still look quite decent and we will be living dangerously for a little bit.

I really can't think of anything else to say, haha. Let's just leave this post here and blog better tomorrow.