Day 10 - News and news

— 3 minute read


It is Day 10. Here are the headlines that caught my eye:

In other news, Lazada had some sort of sale today and I bought a vacuum cleaner, a Wifi repeater, and five reams of A4 paper. Would have wanted Post-it's as well but it seemed expensive without free shipping. I miss our neighbourhood stationery shop. I also miss chicken rice.

This morning as part of my little act for the garden, I applied compost to a few pots: the rose that is a bit overwhelmed by the spider plant, the passionfruit plant, the henna tree, and the kaffir lime leaf plant. I think this weekend I will put in a bit more work, and if I am able to clean things up sufficiently, I will start planting vegetables from the seeds that I bought years ago. Let's see if they work and we can start a little vegetable farm in our balcony. It'd be nice to be able to harvest leafy vegetables as we grow them - and some take just a month. Probably we'll still be stuck in our houses by then.

Someone said today: "I smell like a farting rose. A farting rose, still a rose is".

The urge to make something that's not work has been strong... even though right now while I'm writing this I'm not working, the daily deadline of posting something feels like work. Today I considered drawing something as part of this blog, but the energy level never got to the point of enabling that. Maybe next week I might try out the format of a visual diary. Let's see.

Or maybe designing a garden may be the perfect outlet for my creation anxiety. Hohoho. Let's see.