Day 23 - Another day crossed out

— 2 minute read


Today I painted in the morning and fixed the perspective of the painting a bit more. Just a few millimetres here and there and the whole world of difference it makes. I also painted little square tablets of various muted colours representing roofs from afar, that was kind of pleasurable. I'm doing about an hour, hour and a half every morning in the light of 7-8am. It's looking pretty nice now and I intend to put it up on the wall when I'm done.

Nothing else is noteworthy. I'm soaking soybeans so that I can make tempeh tomorrow. For dinner today I made gyoza, which was almost a success except for the last bit when I botched the fry/steaming part. Leo went at it with mostly praises, which I am thankful for.

The overall mood is not exactly down, but not very much up either. A friend is sick and I'm slightly worried. I'm still compulsively reading the news, which is full of noise and distractions. Not the best for mental health. But today I did 45 minutes of working out, that was good. I think I might do more tomorrow.

Another day of MCO crossed out. Tomorrow will be better.