Day 27 - A presentation

— 1 minute read


I delivered a talk today which was supposed to be recorded on Whereby, a Zoom alternative, but my connection was crap so I spent an hour tinkering with my computer to make an offline recording, which didn't work out and I ended up recording the video on my phone. The second half of the afternoon was spent trying to figure out how to liberate the 1.4GB movie from my phone to the interwebs. By the time everything was figured out (the uploading is still going on, fingers crossed) I was exhausted.

Here's the presentation:

The recording should be available soon, once they edit the video and put in the slides.

Feeling a little impotent out of being tired - I have about an hour before bedtime and some underlying urge to create but it seems that I'm too exhausted to do anything but to scroll listlessly through the news hoping for something to hold my attention. If I can't even read the news properly then I can't be expected to make anything.

Better just go to bed early and wake up early tomorrow to paint.