Day 29 - Maybe this is boredom.

— 3 minute read


I've been feeling a little restless these days, wonder if it's the cabin fever finally catching up. Not that I want to go out at all, in fact the thought of going out just feels like too much work. It's just that the days go by slowly and there's nothing to differentiate one day from another. The afternoons in particular drag along.

As a matter of fact, this feels a little reminiscent of childhood somehow - sometime during primary school when school work was not intense yet, when the hot sun fused the days together and time moved slowly like thick syrup. The balcony at my grandmother's low cost flat comes to mind. I remember going there after school and sometimes when I was alone at the balcony I would sing to myself. At times my grandmother would serve me Milo with a raw egg in it (still gross to think about), or my grandfather would teach me a bit of Chinese. My cousins would come around and we would have fun together. In an era with no easy distractions, we relied on ourselves for entertainment, be it building a secret society which had no discernible goal, or making up chain ghost stories and scaring ourselves half to death.

Now that I put it this way, the restlessness doesn't feel so bad after all. Maybe it is just boredom, that we're not used to anymore. There's only that much phone time one can take, and after that we're forced to face our mundane lives. No going out, no consuming, no socialising. If you want entertainment, do it yourself.

If I can look back at my childhood boredom with nostalgia, maybe one day I will also look at the MCO suspension with some sort of longing. The weeks when outside life was put on hold and inside life was held up for scrutiny.

The last time that we went out was last Tuesday, about 8 days ago. Our groceries have lasted us a week and more. It's likely that we'll have to go out tomorrow or the day after, and we've started building the shopping list already in preparation. This morning the police came around our condo to tell the guards to stop people from walking around the compound, as part of observing the MCO. We are now at the 3rd phase of the MCO. It appears that they're now no longer fining people for offenses - it's straight up legal action.

It appears that our Health DG Noor Hisham is named alongside Anthony Fauci and Ashley Bloomfield (of New Zealand) as the top doctors in handling Covid-19. He does induce calm and what he says is backed by data. Today we recorded only 85 new cases, which is great because it's below 100, first time since March 14 (that was one month ago!). We have 5,072 cases as of today.