Day 31 - Only interesting for historians

— 3 minute read


I'm very tempted to skip the day but since I have the file open I'll just type something. Such is the descent of my daily lockdown journal. Even though I had read somewhere that diaries written during extraordinary times provide a rich resource for retrospection, no matter how mundane it is. So I will take this as a permission to inflict my drop of mundane existence on this vast sea of current times.

This morning we finally went out to shop for groceries, after about 10 days of not leaving home. I've noticed that there are things missing from the shelves, such as puff pastry, kimchi, and wonton wrappings. Butter, funnily enough, was on sale, so I bought a few to freeze, since I've been baking and butter is always handy. Leo is amazed that anything could be on promotion during these times. Apparently in Argentina prices of grocery items went up because of the coronavirus. In any case, we're sorted for another week or so, even though we're thinking of going out more than once a week because it gets stressful to have to plan in advance and inevitably something gets forgotten.

I spent the day reading papers and thinking. I'm going to send in an abstract for a journal submission, which deadline is in about 10 days. It's a good challenge for writing, and I'm feeling excited about it.

Otherwise, what has happened in the last couple of days? Trump has suspended funding for WHO, and is doing a host of other things in attempt to shift blame which will eventually hit him. Belarus is apparently one of the last countries to completely deny the existence of Covid-19 and its NGOs are now crowdfunding to buy supplies for the medical workers. Countries in Europe are slowly opening up. In Malaysia we recorded only 60+ new cases today. 3 people were arrested for playing golf under the MCO.

On covid-unrelated news, apparently it's now a trend to parody domestic violence victims (or any sort of violence, really - the point is that you have to look beaten up) by putting on makeup to look battered and bruised, taking a picture of it, and then hashtagging it #mugshotchallenge on social media. I don't understand people.

I'm pretty tired and I've been fair game for the mosquitoes circling my legs for the past hour or so. You think that they'd be satiated by now, but no. Time to go to bed.