Weekly Blog 3 - Averaging it out in the long run

— 2 minute read

I decided to skip running this morning to focus on clearing life admin (which avid readers of this blog will recognise was last week’s burden transferred to this week), which took me a good two hours. And of course this is not the end of it - some tasks are dependent on the completion of other tasks (e.g. application for travel insurance is contingent on renewal of passport which is contingent on getting someone to take a decent mugshot of me).

But everything that can be executed has been executed, and everything that cannot has a clear plan for moving forward. For that I am allowing myself to feel productive and carry that sense of accomplishment to the next to-do list of household chores and life maintenance. Of which I will spare you the details of.


Just deleted a chunk of text which I typed up this morning, that I’ve somehow lost the connection to. It feels like a huge waste, especially because we’re staring down the ticking clock at 9pm on a Sunday night and I have not done most of the aforementioned household chores that needed to be done before the week starts - quite likely most of them will need to be deferred to the next week, which really is the story of my life.

But it feels right to not be attached to a string of words, no matter how carefully crafted. I usually have trouble deleting text that I’ve written (粒粒皆辛苦) and prefer to copy-paste to somewhere else where I can recover them if needed (I rarely do).

May this blog be a testing ground for ruthless editing and may I build the confidence that there’s more where this came from.


Aaaand I have nothing. Calling it a day and hoping that next week will be better - embracing the weeks when words are not coming, in anticipation of weeks when words will flow.